Cheetah EVO highlights

  • Reliable, fast, and repeatable inspections – manually and automatically
  • Automatic void calculation with VoidInspect
  • Easy-to-use, dynamic enhancing filters, e.g., eHDR
  • Best available laminography with micro3Dslice and FF CT software
  • Dose reduction kit, dose monitoring, and low dose detector mode for sensitive components
  • Optional new water-cooled X-ray tube for a stable focal spot
  • Optional high load capacity (< 20 kg)

The optional water-cooled FXT 160.51 X-ray tube

Inspectors know the problem: long scan times often lead to image distortions and question 

test repeatability due to labile results. It's an effect caused by the rising temperature of the tube housing 

and the target, which can lead to focal spot drift. The new water-cooled X-ray tube counteracts this phenomenon. 

It provides reliable heat dissipation and ensures a stable focal spot and crystal-clear X-ray images

even after long beam times. You achieve reliable inspection results for the first scan just as for the umpteenth and

 can rely on the repeatability of the X-ray inspection at any time.

Optimized automated X-ray and CT quality inspections

Cheetah EVO responds to the need for improved, automated operation with integrated workflows in the FGUI operating software. The Comet Yxlon FF CT software is designed to start automatically for faster reconstruction and visualization. It has a unique ability to render 3D cinematic images with a preset selection of transfer functions (TF), resulting in the most realistic, vivid visualization available today.

Future-ready to meet the demands of Industry 4.0

In today’s smart factory, everything revolves around connectivity and self-optimizing processes. Industry 4.0 demands for quality control systems that offer improved automated inspections and can become an integral part of the production line. Based on customer input, Comet Yxlon upgraded the Cheetah EVO system with advanced features that help manufacturers reach new heights in speed, image quality, reliability, and repeatability.

SMT inspections: grand performance for small devices

Due to the continuous miniaturization of electronic components, more and more features must fit in an ever-smaller area. For the most accurate and repeatable quality inspection results, a test system must not only provide high performance and resolution but also needs to be equipped with dynamic image enhancement filters. The Comet Yxlon Cheetah EVO features:

Large flat-panel detectors with up to 50% larger field of view for a better overview and faster working processes due to reduced steps in automated processes

Best laminography with micro3Dslice, with detailed 3D visualization for quick and easy failure analysis – resulting in substantial cost-savings compared to micro sectioning

Automatic void calculation with VoidInspect CL or DR, the laminography- or radiscopy-based inspection workflows enabling the rapid non-destructive analysis of voids inside the solder joints of board components

THTInspect DR, the semi-automated defect analysis for fill level inspections on THT-based components in 2D

Integration in the production line: ProLoop (Link auf Video weiter unten) allows direct communication with inline AOI / AXI inspection systems

Optional high load capacity (< 20 kg) with reinforced table and mechanics: Several parts and electronic interconnects in fixed packages can be inspected at once – a real-time saver

Void Inspection with VoidInspect CL

Cheetah EVO SMT applications

  • PCB
    • BTC
    • BGA
    • LGA
    • QFN/QFP
    • THT
  • IGBT
  • LED

Semicon inspections: maximum resolution at minimum voltage

Electronic components and semiconductor devices are the key elements of most electronic systems. Due to their compactness and density, testing requires maximal image resolution at low power and low voltage. Void compilations, including multi-area voiding, need accurate, repeatable inspection routines. The Comet Yxlon Cheetah EVO offers:

  • Highly sensitive detector with optional low dosage mode
  • High detail recognition through an integrated image chain
  • Integrated, automatic defect detection with FGUI (e.g. voids in bumps)

CT scan of BGAs and Bond wires

Cheetah EVO semiconductor applications

  • Wafers and integrated circuits (IC)
    • Die attach connections
    • 3D IC joints
    • TSV
  • Sensors
  • MEMS and MOEMS

Laboratory inspections: leading technology for precise analysis

The inspection of electronic components during research and development is highly complex and requires a broad range of features. Computed tomography with the Comet Yxlon Cheetah EVO is the technology of choice for detailed analyses of micro components such as those used in batteries, connectors, and medical devices.

Exceptional CT quality due to a range of highly sensitive detectors with excellent contrast-to-noise ratio

Realistic, vivid visualization by Comet Yxlon FF CT software, integrated with the FGUI user interface workflows with individual 3D cinematic renderers, artifact reduction, and a preset selection of transfer functions (TF)

CT scan of BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays)

Cheetah EVO lab applications

  • Batteries
  • Connectors
  • Various hard-to-see electronics components
  • Medical material
  • Military and space electronics

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