Phase transformation - in critical and structural steel component - is a very sensitive  and important parameter to be evaluated since mechanical and physical properties of steels depends on phase composition.

In many industrial processes, determination of Retained Austenite is requested at very low concentration and with a great accuracy. Traditional metallographic investigation by chemical etching and optical determination of Retained Austenite is in many case ineffective due to the low accuracy and sensibility of this method.

Accurate measurements of retained austenite content is essential during the set up and control of many heat treatment processes as well as plays a great role in Additive Manufacturing processes. 

AreX Desktop is a fixed angular range X-Ray Diffractometer equipped with the most modern technical features which grant accuracy, precision, safety and easiness of use, especially designed for quantitative determination of Retained Austenite, manufatured in a desktop version.

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) is considered the most accurate method available that can accurately determine retained austenite levels down to 0.5%. The integrated intensities of the austenite (220) and (311), and the ferrite (200) and (211) diffraction peaks are measured on the AREX diffractometer. The use of multiple diffraction peaks minimizes the effects of preferred orientation and allows interference from carbides to be detected.

AreX is the unique instrument able to guarantee compliancy with the ASTM E 975 - 03.

Thanks to AreX innovative concept, Retained Austenite volume percentage can be measured in few minutes, just placing the sample and pressing start button. Typical Measuring time is 180 seconds. 

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